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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

6 Profitable Online Business Ideas

          6 Profitable Online Business Ideas


      75% of start-ups fail in their online business, that's huge! Yet this is often the cause of a lack of focus, a lack of motivation. 

     Perhaps also often a little too much pride, we don't listen to others enough, a little withdrawal into ourselves, we don't look enough at what's going on around us. 

     The idea, of course, is that you don't fall into this kind of trap already, on the one hand, but above all that you rely on something simple, in fact, a simple idea that is right, to find an idea that interests you, an idea that fascinates you. 

     Because know that, it might not be the most profitable for you, but know it anyway, once you're in a business that makes money, that works, you're kind of like in a kind of washing machine, in a spinner version, it never stops.

     And then, there's no reason for it to stop, because the better it goes, the more fun you have, the more money you make.

     We're going to make sure that you choose the right idea, the one that's going to make sure that you have a profitable business thanks to these six ideas that I'm going to propose to you.

     First idea, the easiest, but the hardest.


     It's easier, why? because you don't have products to create, there's a whole process of manufacturing, storage, marketing, delivery and on top of that an after-sales service, which you don't have to take care of, it's quiet, that's why it's very good.

    On the other hand, it's the hardest, why? Because there are too many people who start with the affiliation and then there are a lot of people involved in it, so it's hard to get your head out of the water. 

     It's also going to be difficult with the affiliation to make you a brand, to really create a brand because you're hidden by the product you sell, which has a much greater force than you can be yourself. 

     And then you lose a little bit of your digital freedom in quotes. In other words, if tomorrow the company - for which you are an affiliate - decides to change the rules, or if the product disappears, that's the end of your business.

     So, a perspective for the future, still pretty average anyway, because you'll spend your time looking for the new good plan, and then, all the efforts you made in the past on the previous affiliation might be largely lost, you'll have to rebuild everything each time on a new affiliation... well, it's not that simple, despite everything, affiliation, as far as the long term is concerned. 

     In the short term, it's still interesting, because either you put it in passive, for example, the small products on Amazon, and then you have traffic that comes all by itself on your blog, and you sell it, and the money comes in by itself, it's really passive income.

     The second idea and this is the opposite of affiliation.

          Create your own brand, e-commerce

     Your first assignment will be to find the doghouse. Of course, finding the right products, the ones that will hit the bulls-eye for you. 

     The second mission will be to try to define a manufacturing cost, and you'll be able to help you with all the logistical aspects of this type of site, which is certainly not Amazon FBA. 

customer support, customer management, returns, fortunately, there are sites like that, such as Shopify for example, which will also help you with step by step steps, which will make you progress and move forward, in short, these are solid points that you must absolutely rely on if you're looking to get up to something in e-commerce. 

     The third idea, since we're talking about e-commerce. 

          I'll tell you about the dropshipping

      I remind you that the principle of drop-shipping is that you sell before you buy. It means no stock, no logistics, it's quiet on that side. 

     There are sites like eBay, Shopify, Dropizi that will really help you. You have to know that there are very few costs in drop-shipping. 

     But there are some drawbacks though, and now it's starting to become a popular sport, drop-shipping. So of course, more popular means more competition. 

So it's going to be up to you to try to find the miracle product, that is to say, the one that is not only of quality but also at a low price. 

     The Fourth Idea, Freelancing.


     Being a freelancer is being free as air. For example, Community manager, webmaster, online support, developer, copywriter, designer, coaching, consulting, and many more, you can become a true digital nomad, traveling the world with your small laptop.

     Another advantage is that you will be able to choose the hardware you work on, choose your suppliers and even choose your customers.

     The fifth idea, platform-based business.

          Blogger, YouTuber, influencer

       A platform job is being a Blogger, YouTuber, influencer, and there, it's going to be up to you to think a little bit. 

     First of all, it's absolutely necessary to know if you want to work for free, that is to say without spending money on advertising, whether you serve content marketing.

     You have two choices: either you're aiming for the long term and you're going to try to make a blog article or a YouTube video, or you're going to use platforms with a search engine that will make you spend an hour, for example, making a YouTube video. It may very well last one year, two years, five years, it's long term. 

     On the other hand, if you spend an hour making a good publication on Facebook, in three hours there is more, overwhelmed by all the other publications. 

So, it's going to be up to you to think beforehand, what is the style you really want to give to your business. Is it the most volatile or is it solid and long term. 

     The sixth idea, creating product information.


     Create info-products, digital products that you will be able to sell remotely. For example, then example an e-book, for example, online training, it's very simple. There is no need to be an expert, there is no need to have a PhD in fact, just a little skill that is at the next level up.

     And then you'll be able to get out of your first training very easily. So, you also need to have another skill, it's a little bit of web marketing anyway, that is to say, learning how to sell, because otherwise, it will be difficult. 

     As soon as you have this in hand, you will be able to put all this in automation and be able to generate passive income. 

     That's the whole point of the thing, so if you're looking to create your own profitable business from scratch it's time to start and don't tell yourself that it's not for me, get to the heart of the matter and everything will come by itself, launch yourself without hesitation but do what you like most of all.